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Don’t mess with dragons. Especially cute little ones.

Princess Eloisa has an idyllic life. Plenty of fresh air, a beautiful old manor house, and an adopted family who adores her. That is, if she doesn’t think about living in hiding, a greedy murderous uncle, a father killed in war, and losing her mother soon after.

But now, with the secret arrival of an injured baby dragon, life is about to get… interesting. He’s trying so hard to be fierce, in spite of nearly dying.

Eloisa has been dragging home hurt creatures most of her fourteen years. How was she supposed to know this little guy was a real dragon? Or that his enemies would dwarf her own?

Add in an evil wizard, powerful Fae, and a very upset mama dragon.

Soon she’s on the run, with few friends, all her enemies after her, and some allies nobody in their right mind could trust. At least she’s got her dog, all one hundred and fifty pounds of shaggy black loyalty.

If the little dragon will stop trying to roast him, and if nobody catches them.


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Fire’s Maiden

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