We are a small publisher with a People First focus, mostly fantasy and science fiction. Our version of People First means we believe in providing entertaining fiction, where we’re not the scourge of the galaxy. Where we really can innovate, create, and solve our own problems. Even if more pop up. Because Murphy.

There really are good guys, and unfortunately there are also bad guys. (Hey! Otherwise you don’t have a story, you have “literature.”) We root for the good guys. Or the ones who are trying their best to be the good guys, even if they fall down. Because human.

We’re not out to change the world. Unless it’s to bring a little happiness and fun into your life. If something we publish makes you think? Well, great! If it bores you – that was NOT our intent! We aren’t here to preach to you.

We believe in diversity of thought. We don’t care about the melanin content of your skin, and we are not flogging a social justice horse. We think humans can unite around the core concepts of freedom, liberty, and get off my lawn.

But no Marx. Because that couch surfer has caused more suffering and death than just about anybody, including a certain Austrian in the 1940s.

We are not currently open for submissions. At least not until we’ve grown enough to replace the day jobs.

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