Who am I, and what am I doing writing about writing?

I’ve been a whale reader my whole life. Books saved me as a kid, and by the time I was 20, I wanted to be an author. I was attempting my first novel the same month I met my husband. I’ve spent my working life in various businesses, doing accounting, taxes, HR, finance, and small business. Life got in the way for a lot of years, as well as my ASD and ADHD.

13 years ago, I attended my first writing conference. I’ve been collecting books, following authors and instructors, getting involved in the writing community ever since. I’m a researcher – I will study something to death, and then suddenly start doing it. Followed by stuttering. I get going, I get derailed, I get back on track, repeatedly.

Last year, I finally finished a book that I felt I wasn’t going to be embarrassed by putting it out into the world. It wasn’t perfect even to me – but it was pretty good, and better than some books I was currently buying and reading. And I finally felt I had all the pieces in place – I had also been learning how to make covers, I had the software, I understood the publishing and business aspects, and it was time to stop dithering around.

Followed by this past year of a lot of personal drama, family issues, and getting stuck a lot. I found out I had a lot of mental stuff to work through, but I’ve now got my second book out, and I’m finding my stride. So, while I absolutely still consider myself at the beginning of my writing career, and I don’t recommend my stumbling path – maybe you can learn something about what not to do, and where to go from wherever you currently are.